Lose Weight Fast with Exercise and Nutritional Guidance Plans

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Lose Weight Fast with Exercise and Nutritional Guidance Plans

If looking to lose weight fast and keep it off, you simply need to get back to the basics. This includes regular exercises, along with eating sensible and well-balanced nutrition. According to fitness experts, the first step to losing weight in a safe and healthy manner is changing your diet. This includes consuming more protein such as lean meats, poultry, and fish. As always, you need to eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, along with plenty of water to keep the body well-hydrated. By eating right, you will boost metabolism levels, which results in more fat and calories being burned.

Fitness Regimens

Along with eating right, you must partake in physical fitness activities. This includes lifting weights, which helps convert fat into lean and healthy muscle. Whether working out on your own or under the tutelage of an instructor, cardiovascular exercises are also essential. This includes walking on treadmills, which helps speed up the heart rate and increases blood flow. Walking around the block for at least 30 minutes per day is also a great way to tone legs, thighs, muscles, and improve respiratory performance. If you are tired of fad diets that simply do not produce results, its time to get back to the basics and secure timely and lasting results.

Protein Supplements

No diet or fitness program is ever complete without supplements. In fact, post-supplements help muscle recovery after extensive workouts. They also help restore vital energy and liquid levels which help prevent dehydration or overexertion. Protein shakes and powders are also great as meal replacements or supplements. This helps you lose weight fast without feeling hungry or suffering from cravings. Most of all, protein helps build lean, healthy, and attractive muscle. This is a great way to get back into shape while effectively shedding unwanted pounds. For more information on losing weight fast, speak to a trainer today or check the Web for more details.

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Tired of Those Extra Pounds? Here is How To Lose Weight Fast.

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Most people have weight issues due to excessive food consumption with high-fat/ sugar concentration, junk food and failure to observe a balanced diet. While others are overweight as a result of failing to exercise. Being overweight can be demeaning, make you lose your self-confidence and self-esteem. If you are tired of carrying those extra pounds around and you want to lose weight fast, there are a number of tips that you can adopt to help achieve your short-term weight loss goals.

Drink a lot of water

Energy drinks, fruit smoothie has lots of calories while water has zero calories and little or no sodium. This makes it the perfect drink to jump start your metabolism and flush out excess water. Lemon or mint leaves will add a little excitement to the water.

For you to lose weight and lose it fast, then you must get out of the house and spend more time outdoors involved in active activities. some of these exercises may include running, taking a walk, aerobics, hitting the gym etc. To achieve this goal of losing weight fast, you will need to intensify your exercise (walks, runs, cycling etc.) The intensity will effectively reset your metabolism and increase it a bit even after you have slowed down, thereby burning more calories.

A nutritious and balanced diet with lots of fruits, vegetables, whole grain, is the right path to losing weight fast. Cut down on starches, sugary foods, and foods rich in animal fat and dairy products.

To quickly lose weight and in a healthy way, you will need to combine a healthy diet, proper hydration and a proper exercise program. While using rapid weight loss technique will help you drop a few pounds quickly, it is important to have a long-term weight loss plan to protect your health and maintain your healthy weight.

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My Lungs Sound Like Pop Rocks

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Why do my lungs sound like I just swallowed pop rocks or a box of Rice Crispies.

Well I never Thought I’d be saying this but, I’ve spent the past week in bed with the flu, coughing and sleeping and wondering why I didn’t get a flu shot last fall. Here are 5 good reasons to have pneumonia and the flu.

1. Relaxation!


I have pneumonia should I go to work? The doctor told me to stay in bed  and get lots of rest. Now staying in bed doesn’t top my list of how to spend a day off, but it’s nice to catch up on that book that’s been collecting dust on my bedside table, or browse the internet, organize my iTunes library, watch some TV, or catch up on Facebook without feeling guilty. Hey, maybe I can catch up on my blog, write an article about being sick. My boss can’t get angry with me. My boyfriend can’t give me grief for not cleaning up. Hey, the doctor said I’ve got to rest in bed. No, and I won’t be coming in to work today Sir, a higher authority than you hath declared that I just stay in bed for the good of all humanity. Lol, Fantastic.

2. Free 6 Pack Abs

Me with with Sixpack Abs

Apparently, coughing fits,  a key symptom of pneumonia can be reckoned to a full course ab workout. While laying your bed, you can work on that six-pack. Hey, a healthy loss of appetite even adds to getting those abs nicely ripped with clean definition. I’ve had maybe a piece of toast and 6 bottles of water the past few days. Between throwing up and coughing, I figure I’ll be a supermodel by the time I go back to work.


3. Relationship building!

Hubby Bringing Sick Wife Hot Drink In Bed At Home

My boyfriend’s been waiting on me hand and foot, its kinda nice. He lets me pick the video game, watch my shows over his, and he brings me anything I want, water, cough drops, cold towels and Tylenol. The first day I was sick he came home early to make sure I was OK. I can’t wait until I’m feeling better to thank him properly.

4. Special Delivery.

cherry garcia

So all of a sudden I get a craving for chocolate chip cookies and Cherry Garcia Ice cream. I make a post to this effect on Facebook and within an hour, friends show up at my door bearing gifts of wonder and surprise. I’m truly blessed.

5. Pop Rocks

pop rocks

So I’m laying there and suddenly I hear this sound coming through my half open drooling mouth. Pop Rocks – I hear pop rocks in my lungs. What is up with this? Apparently the little opening in the lung tubes get a little blocked with phlegm and make this sound which brings back some great childhood memories.

Stop feeling guilty and enjoy it while it lasts.

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Weight Loss After Pregnancy

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Weight loss after pregnancy

Most moms are enthusiastic to put away their maternity attire and slip into their old jeans they have not been worn for months. Being a new mom can really be stressful, I mean, you have to think about what to give the baby, figure out why its crying, and most definitely how to get rid of those additional pounds that were gained during pregnancy. Getting back your body shape might take more than a couple of months. Hence it is important for every new mom to take it easy on yourself during these processes. After giving birth your body needs time to recover from having the baby, it is important to check in with your doctor before making the decision for an intense weight loss regimen, right away. It is vital to acknowledge that weight loss after pregnancy is a process; you can’t get your pre-baby body with a snap of your fingers.

weight loss after pregnancy

After you have delivered you slowly start losing weight. But this gradual process might not be what you want. In this case it is important to visit a doctor who will advise you and help you set a realistic goal for yourself. Everyone sheds weight at their own pace, don’t compare your body to anybody else. There are a number of factors that affect how your body loses weight. Your age is one of the determining factors. Your metabolism slows down by 2% once you hit the age of 25 hence your body burns fewer calories. Your diet is another factor. Eating more proteins and larger amounts earlier in the day enables your body to burn more calories.

Weight loss after pregnancy involves eating healthy. Eating healthy includes drinking lots of water, and vegetables and fruit with your meals. These will help you stay hydrated and also play a significant role in ensuring that your skin looks good. It is impotent for every new mom to make time for breakfast. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Having the right breakfast ensures that you are ready to face your day. It is important to eat at least five portions of fruits and vegetables a day. You should watch out for the number of snacks you take during the day and what they consist of.

It is greatly recommended that new moms consume foods that are rich in fiber. These foods are inclusive of oats, lentils, seeds and grains. Starchy foods such as bread, rice and pasta are also good. You may want to avoid fatty food and those rich in sugars. Avoid fast foods, sweets, fizzy drinks and pastries.

Aside form finding time to eat healthy, you should also find time to exercise daily. Start by doing gentle exercises such as walking, pelvic floor exercise and stretching. It is important to note that you should wait at least six weeks before taking more strenuous exercises. Within this period of time it is expected that you have healed from giving birth. The combination of healthy eating and exercise is the most effective path to weight loss after pregnancy.


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